Bernie's Grooming

At Bernie's Grooming City Dogs, the grooming process starts when you schedule an appointment for your dog. We will discuss your pet’s specific needs and ensure that your pet receives personalized care. Our grooming standards include proper hair removal from the ears, nail clipping and filing, examination of the skin for any abnormal growths, anal glands relieved, bathing with a deep cleansing shampoo, conditioner and finishing rinse, sanitary clip and a stylish hair cut that suits you and your dog's needs.

Proper brushing of your dog's teeth allows for an examination for cleanliness, broken or damaged teeth and any abnormal growths. Visible health problems will be communicated to you for referral to your vet.

Bernie's Grooming City Dogs offers a range of services for the care and grooming of your dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig.


Practice preventive care for your dog! We use gentle yet deep cleaning shampoo that is mild on your pets skin – even with frequent bathing. So bring your pet in weekly to keep them, and the rest of your family, clean and healthy.


We recommend a TOUCH UP every four weeks to keep your dog tangle free and feeling freshly groomed. TOUCH UPS consists of a bath, conditioner, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, anal glans expressed, and a face, feet and sanitary trim.


FULL GROOMING consists of a bath, conditioner, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, anal glans expressed, and a consultation beforehand to ensure the haircut your dog receives comfortable, attractive and maintainable.

°  ° °  Shampoo and Conditioning
 °  °  ° Blow Dry
 °  °  ° Brush Out
 °  °  °  Nail Trim and Filing
 °  °  °  Ear Cleaning and Hair Removal
   °  °  De-Shed
   °  ° Facial Hair Trim
   °  °  Sanitary Clip
   °  °  Blueberry Facial
  °   ° Paw Trim
     ° Haircut
      Teethbrushing $15.00